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Childs Dream

Established 20 years ago by two Swiss nationals, Child’s Dream exists to ensure that children and young adults in the Mekong Sub-Region, affected by inequality, grow up to be healthy and have access to quality education and employment opportunities. To achieve this, Child’s Dream designs, implements, and partners to support interventions in Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand. These interventions focus on education,
employability, youth empowerment and leadership, and basic and essential healthcare.

The over 70 strong team is made up of passionate, purpose-driven individuals connected by a common set of values; they aim to support beneficiaries in becoming educated and empowered people who responsibly shape and sustain fair, just and healthy societies for generations to come.

The Karl Zünd Foundation has so far supported the construction of an entire secondary school in Cambodia and funded 3-year scholarships for over 50 High School students in the same country. Also in Cambodia, we funded the running of a hospitality management school for school dropouts. In Laos we focused on a training facility to educate pediatric nurses. In Myanmar a large emergency relief operation was funded right after the military coup in February 2021; currently, we fund a youth empowerment programme to bring about sustainable social change through education.