Karl Zünd from Altstätten, Switzerland, has for many years been committed to social, cultural and ecological issues, both privately and with his family firm. In order to strengthen this commitment, in 2015 he created the public benefit foundation with the support of his family.

The “Karl Zünd Foundation” is a foundation under Swiss law, registered in Altstätten. The public benefit character of the Foundation is recognised by the tax authorities. It is regulated by the Swiss authority responsible for the supervision of foundations.

According to its belief in sustainability, the Karl Zünd Foundation ensures that the investment of the foundation’s funds must meet the highest ethical and ecological requirements.

Foundation Board

Karl Zünd

Karl Zünd, Chairman of the Foundation board. Founder of the Zünd group (www.zund.com), chairman of the board of directors of Zünd Holding AG and Zünd Systemtechnik AG.

Jennifer Jensen-Zünd

Jennifer Jensen-Zünd, member of the Foundation board. Member of the Board of Zünd Holding AG. Foundation Board Expert 2021, Center for Philanthropy Studies, Universität Basel.

Esther Gächter-Kobler

Member of the Foundation board

Martin Holzinger

Member of the Foundation board, Head of Hardware Engineering at Zünd Systemtechnik AG

Dora Züger

Dora Züger is responsible for the administration of the Foundation.